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Stumpy the first player to roll a 300 game in Bowling. Congrats!

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FLAGGED ON r/bitcoin as OFF TOPIC lolol

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We have to get comfortable with being a 'PRIVATE PROPERTY OUTLAW' cause this tyranny is getting out of hand.

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This game is a lot of fund and you play for satoshis.

So have fun and if it catches on.. more games will be forthcoming .

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The last thing that remains to be established is Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow ratio in comparison to that of gold’s. Today, Bitcoin has a considerably lower stock-to-flow ratio than gold. Would this invalidate Bitcoin’s claim to the SoV throne?

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good stuff here. More anonymity. 

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An ETF tied to bitcoin has yet to be approved by U.S. regulators, but some crypto market observers that approval is not necessary for the largest digital currency by market capitalization to trade higher this year.

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I really like the idea of this whole website! Everyone who also likes it like me: Lets push this page up on to get it at the top :).

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MUST WATCH - primer for crypto

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enjoy and spread.

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Buy photos via Lightning.

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Fucking Exchellent!..  come on guys get in here and ocmment and SHARE   fuck reddit and their truth censorship

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