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good list! 

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Pete are you on twitter? come see the people who love this game. Help me to motivate them a bit 😉😘

pressed by VIX18  5590 hrs ago  comments 1  

Easy deposit. played a few games and withdrew my profits. Great concept showing the ease of use of LN and gaming!  

pressed by Null  6133 hrs ago  comments 1  

Whenever I click on "recharche by bitcoin lightning network" when I check the javascript console I see the following logs and one error every time I click it:

amount 6807259.2612762

chat_client.js:187 DGk3gzDGv1jGgWzqLqUB

pressed by blocker  6680 hrs ago  comments 4  

Guys we noticed that our credits page was not working i.e. withdraw .  reason being macaroon path which we use is in /home directory .. along with .. /home/lndata/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/admin.macaroon path setup in auth.js file.. it d

pressed by pete  6299 hrs ago  comments 3  

for last few days scores of non host were not recorded right and a few other glitches..


pressed by pete  6221 hrs ago  comments 0  

When you reply to trhead 

and you hit  enter it changes color 

pressed by pete  6661 hrs ago  comments 1  

Trying to upgrade LND node should resume normal operations tomorow. Sorry for that.

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pete......i got your message.....what do i do now ?         :-)

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